I’m Out



Where would you move to if price was no object?

What would you do to earn a living?

What sort of people would you surround yourself with?

I love Richmond, but I would welcome a new adventure in life. I am over the same old routine, and my comfort zone has become unbearably comfortable. My friends are working on their 2.5 kids and I’m still working on 2.5 margaritas.

I need to shake up the box.

Here are possibilities..

1. Finding a new place in North Carolina. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to live there. Too bad Asheville’s so darn expensive.

2. Pursuing an MDiv or Women’s Ministry degree somewhere, either online or in person.

3. Saving enough money to take care of responsibilities and then living abroad for a season (Nicaragua. Beaches. Yes, please.).

4. Saving money and buying a cottage in the country somewhere local. Gardening. Chickens. Crafting. Lots of dinners with friends. Hammocks and porches and rocking chairs. Basically, I would pretend to be retired but I would have to work.

5. Trying my hand at acting. For some reason, I think I would excel in this field.

6. Starting some sort of non-profit.

7. Or cafe. My one must is that we will serve egg-salad sandwiches.

If anyone wants to collaborate on these life goals with me, welcome aboard. I love being near my friends and family but I have nothing actually tying me here and I am chomping at the bit (and asking God) for big changes.

Hopefully will have this all figured out by Monday.

Have a spectacular weekend!


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  1. Or you could start a Renaissance cafe in the country where you pretend to operate a business out of the 1500’s while becoming famous for “Ye Olde Egge Salade Sandwichese.” Extra points for starting it near a beach in North Carolina.

    I get wanting to make a change. The best place I ever lived was in Florida. If I had the funds to live there, I’d go in a heartbeat. Best of luck to you as you consider your options!


    1. Angela says:

      You’re not the first person to suggest that I would thrive in a Renaissance environment LOL. Thanks 🙂

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