On the Move

Moving is FUN.
Moving is JOYFUL.


Did I mention I’m moving?

I’ve been in Church Hill for five years now. I’ve loved it. I really have. However, the past year has been labeled “The One With the Crazy Roommates.” My past roommates have been either great friends or at least decent and respectful, but inevitably they buy a house or get married or move to Tanzania. 

This past year has been different. There has been struggle and conflict, secret drug use, and a “break in” which mysteriously occurred when one of them didn’t have their key (I was out of the country). It’s been too much. I need security and sanctuary. I need normal.

I prayed about whether I should stay and just go through the process of finding new housemates, but it felt as if God was telling me to move on. The week before the “burglar” struck, as I was preparing to leave for Portugal, I dropped a prayer request in the popcorn bucket at church asking for clarity as to whether I should stay or go. 

A week later (one day after the police swept through my house looking for the missing culprit), I got an email informing us that the landlord had decided to sell the house at the end of the leasing term. So that was that.

God answered, so I didn’t have to wrestle with the decision. I love when he does that. 

My best friend from third grade has generously offered for Bentley and I to come stay with her, her husband, her three kids, two dogs, and Cat Benatar for a few months. Bentley and I can’t wait. I think it will be great to have that family environment for a little while, and although I know it will be crazy, I’m confident that it will be crazy GOOD. Plus, it’s still close to my work, even though it’s out in the country and will be an adjustment from city living.

So, I’ve been spending my days packing and planning, praying, and trying to keep a joyful heart through all of it. Moving is a hassle, but I am looking forward to this next season of life and whatever it holds.

After all, if God is with me, I know it’s going to be amazing.
“If I go up to Church Hill, you are there. If I make my bed in the depths of Goochland, you are there.” -Psalm 139: 8  (Locations have been changed to make it personal).
“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stout-hearted.”-Psalm 138:3

“God is on the move, on the move, Hallelujah!”-some Christian song

“Hold on! Change is coming!”- a truck in front of me on 64 

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  1. Good luck with the moving! (Also, Cat Benatar is the coolest name ever)


    1. Angela says:

      Thanks, Liz! 🙂


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