This Appointment

This past year and a half has taught me some things.

Mostly that human nature hasn’t changed much.

But also that God is faithful and good even when the world is basically a dumpster fire.

I think a valid word for many over the last eighteen months would be “disappointment.”

I can personally relate to that.

When life is supposed to look one way and all of a sudden it’s crazy and upside down, it’s hard not to feel disappointed and discouraged.

I think people are viewing each other a little differently in light of the current climate, as well. I’ve never seen so many people so willing to make fun of and shut down anyone who happens to hold a different opinion than they do. We have definitely been encouraged to form an “us” versus “them” mentality, and it has been disappointing to see the ugly side of people. It’s disappointing to witness relationships damaged or broken completely.

There’s been a lot of fear, a lot of loss, and a lot of distrust. Disappointment. Heartbreak.

I’m over it.

So here’s what I’m choosing to do.

In the midst of disappointment, I choose to ask God, “What is this appointment?”

God is not surprised by the chaos and calamity coming at us from all sides. In fact, he placed us, his children, in this time and place for a purpose!

Since sin entered the world, humans have lived through crazy and difficult circumstances! Think of Daniel in Babylon, or Christians living in Rome during Nero’s reign of terror. Think of Christians in Europe choosing to go against the evil dictates given during World War II. Those who follow God have always been called to be in the world, but not of the world! That means we go through it, along with everyone else, but we are not to be overcome by it! In fact, we are meant to offer hope to the hopeless, courage to those weighed down by fear, and light in the darkness. Yes, us!

So how do we walk out this appointment, choosing to seek God’s purpose rather than being consumed by all the things?

We are called to walk by faith. We are called to do what is right, according to God’s word. We are called to be peacemakers. We are called to speak truth. We are called to be joyful, always. We are not called to live in fear and we are certainly not called to tear other people apart.

We are called to abide in Christ, trusting him completely with our future. We are called to be in God’s word. We are called to share the gospel. We are called to be in community with other believers.

We see God’s sovereignty over our circumstances, we make the best decisions we can based on God’s word, and we walk in love and kindness. Even when other people don’t. We walk through this world, not ignoring the pain, but bringing healing, hope, and joy as we trust in Jesus and encourage others to do the same.

The choice is ours. Faith or fear. Joy or despair. Disappointment or this appointment!

I know which one I choose.

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  1. Great article. Thanks for the reminder that God has me where I am for a reason. His purposes are always right and good even if they are uncomfortable.

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    1. Angela says:

      Thanks, Jacob! We all need constant reminders to look to Jesus, don’t we? It’s easy to get caught up in all the crazy.


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