It’s Me


I’m not an influencer. I can apply my make-up with just enough competence not to look crazy. I have no desire to be famous. I haven’t lived among Nepali people in the Himalayas or started a non-profit for underprivileged skate-boarders. I can follow a recipe but haven’t created crazy delicious flavor-combos like tomato-feta pasta (is that really so mind-blowing?) that go viral on Tik-Tok. I’m not a crazy couponer. I can’t help you lose weight. I can’t even help me lose weight. I’m not into fashion or interior design. I can’t replicate the hairstyles on Pinterest. My photography rivals that of any first-grader. Just kidding. First-graders are probably better than me. In short, I’m just a medium-aged housewife living in a sweet little Cape Cod with a decent, kind, hard-working husband, two terrible dogs, a floor-pooping cat ( no one knows why he won’t poop in the litter box) and a half-time fun, funny step-daughter. 


So sometimes when I write, I wonder, “What’s the point? Do I have an audience? Will anyone truly benefit from me putting these thoughts on “paper”? Do I actually have anything of value to offer?”

If I were to answer these questions based on my own awesomeness, the answer would be a resounding “no”.

For some reason, though, the God of the universe has chosen to make himself known to me. He’s given me glimpses of the supernatural. He’s spoken aloud to me. Ok, it was three words: “Go to Richmond”, but that’s more than most people will ever hear. I have prayed and seen almost immediate, specific answers come to pass. Most miraculously, he took a broken, empty woman (me, again!) out of the darkness and gave her new life, a new heart, and assurance of eternity with him.

So I guess what I have to offer is a completely imperfect but nonetheless miraculous faith in the God of the Bible and in his word. And a depressingly uncommon understanding that those affirming sin and rejecting parts of Scripture in Jesus’ name are false teachers. Also, I love to write and my spiritual gift is to somehow find (mostly) appropriate jokes even in the most serious of subject matter. So here we are. Welcome to the blog!

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  1. Peter says:

    Greetings Angela,
    Interesting site.


  2. Whitney Lyons says:

    I relate so much to almost all of this! Already love you girl! Keep doing it.

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