One life. One chance to give it my all. So what have I attained as I near 35? So far I have gotten myself ?2 pounds of excess weight, @#,000 worth of debt, no man, no good prospects of a man, and a 12-year subscription to “Hi, my name is Angela and the soup of the day is Kill Me Now. Would you like fries with that?”

I am actually happy, which is a miracle with a capital “M” considering I have dreamed for years of a sweet little house in the country, with 1-3 months of the year spent doing mission work in a place that touches my heart with my handsome, (Australian? Irish?) shirtless husband. The only reason I have joy is because I have a relationship with God that is FINALLY! starting to flourish again. He is enough, even if I am not. He has also placed amazing, beautiful, trustworthy friends all around me. I even get to live with two of them: Sarah D. and AshCap.  We rent a big townhouse, and apart from the occasional dish pile up, life is good.

My downfall has always been my lack of motivation. I’ve got 195 positively excellent ideas, but then..Gilmore Girls. Comfort is not my friend. It has lured me away from achieving. While achieving on its own would not fill my heart, moving towards a God-sized dream, using my gifts and passions, and being my best  “me” would give me immense satisfaction. I want to use my life well. I want to inspire others to do the same. So, about a week ago I asked God to give me the ability and the desire to work hard towards my dreams . I began listening to some faith-based books on finances, goal-setting, action steps, and motivation. I have been praying intentionally and expectantly.

So, this is the start of a journey. The first of a thousand steps. I realized something. I don’t need Gerard Butler by my side for that house. My dream life is Channing Tatum optional. I can work hard, and with a godly character, the God of the universe directing my path, and the amazing community I have, who can stop me? Only me.   <Cue “Eye of the Tiger” or “All about that Bass”. Stay tuned. More awesomeness to follow.


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