Grindstones (proverbial and otherwise)

Captain’s Log. March 5th. Thursday afternoon.


Greetings from Church Hill, where I am currently in bed and don’t feel like moving. Per usual.  I am still determined to press on in my journey to get out of debt, lose weight, and marry Johnny Depp, but honestly I may have lost a little bit of my “go get ’em” attitude.  When it’s sleeting sideways, and you just ate some Annie’s Mac and Cheese, and you’re heating up water for Chai tea in the percolator you took out of the Goodwill pile from your mom’s, it’s hard to want to do anything except snuggle up in the covers and watch new episodes from Drop Dead Diva Season 6.

It is challenging to go on vacation and still be fired up about your goals once you lose your focus for a couple weeks. Going to Uganda last month and, now, owing a good amount of money for taxes makes it hard to see progress in paying down debt. Working out regularly and not seeing big changes overnight has been challenging, too. I’m an instant gratification girl. I’m terrible at waiting and tend to lose sight of long term goals when something shiny and new catches my eye. Impulse buying, eating, dating. I’m the worst.

But I am still pushing. I did work out today, although I think the cardio video I chose was geared for athletic seniors. Low impact just sounded more doable. I deep cleaned the upstairs bathroom, as per my instructions in “31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way”. I recently subscribed to the Washington Post so that I could get all the good coupons and start saving some serious bucks at the grocery store. I also picked up a couple extra shifts at work this week, and am on a spending freeze for the month of March (no non-essential wait..I CAN get essential oils this month! Not. And I’m out of Lemon). I’m having a yard sale later this month to get rid of junk I don’t need and make a little extra dough. I am making new friends at church and trying to live the way God made me to, but I really miss sex. And a loving relationship. Can’t forget that part. I am pushing on even though there’s no close end in sight.

So, I will keep going and keep trying to do the right things. I know it’ll be worth it. Someday. P.S. Who wants to pay for me to go back to school?

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