Not Suitable for the Dinner Table

Warning: I have an opinion.

Because this topic has been in the news lately (and on Facebook), let’s go there. Life is a miracle. Just because it’s hidden behind a couple inches of something doesn’t make it less precious. If I hide a kitten behind a t-shirt, and I lethally inject it through the fabric, that’s not murder, is it? It’s not a kitten if I can’t see it! Dumb, right?

Yet, politicians and practitioners alike make sure to use words like “terminate pregnancy” instead of “end your child’s life”  and  “POC (product of conception)” instead of “baby”. Never say “baby”. The reality might hit home.

Guys. This is terrifying. It really scares me to see our nation heading to a place where they will bond together to defend their “right” to murder their children. Yes, the word murder is hella offensive. It should be. It just feels like this is some crazy movie where robots have replaced real, live humans..where is the heart, people? Why does giving something a scientific name change the reality of what it is? It doesn’t!  It is just easier to close your eyes and pretend that it’s just a “procedure”.  Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood, left the business after she saw a baby boy in utero trying desperately (and hopelessly)  to escape from the abortionist’s suction device. (Article here) She couldn’t pretend anymore after that, and now works to speak the truth about abortion to women all over the country.

I have seen friends choose both ways when confronted with an unplanned pregnancy. Some stories have left me with tears of joy and deep respect for the ones who took the road of love and responsibility. Some left me aching for the childless mother, and for the little lives that went cold in the name of “choice”.  Stop pretending it’s ok.

I am not angry. I am not accusing. I love you. I am grieving for you. With you. I’m hoping this nation will wake up and cherish life and hate evil. Because it’s just going to get worse if we don’t. There are other options. Adoption. Being a mom. You ARE strong enough.

Choose love.


Additional Resource:
Ray Comfort asks questions and changes hearts and minds with truth in the film “180” below.

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