No Good Thing



Psalm 84:11 and what it means in my life.
The Lord God is a sun (a source of life-giving and light)
and a shield (protection from harm)
The Lord bestows favor and honor (he blesses his children and helps them in answer to prayer and obedience)
No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly (if I am truly trying to love and obey God, he will not hold back in blessing my life. This looks different for everyone, but the antithesis is that if I am disobedient, God will not bless my sin).

The freedom in this is knowing how GOOD God is, and how powerful. There is freedom in the simplicity of knowing that if I choose Him to be Lord of my life, I have nothing to fear: in life or death.

I see so much pain on a regular basis, and coping mechanisms in the form of different vices. They vary but all are destructive and give only a false and fleeting sense of well-being. I’ve been there.

I wish for so many of these hurting, beautiful people to experience the peace and love of God, and of a loving Christian community. There is nothing like being who we were created to be: in relationship with the Creator of relationships. There is nothing better than time spent with friends who won’t talk crap about you when you’re not around because they actually love you and want the best for you.

Life isn’t perfect. Not yet. There is still brokenness all around, and it’s easy to fall into it sometimes, but to have that hand to pull you out, and to know that God is really real..that is a huge game changer. It’s a guaranteed win.

Come as you are, and just be loved. He’ll help you with the rest.

No good thing does He withhold.

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