Do the Right Thing


To err is human. To forgive is divine.

The news is full of Duggars and Jenners . Honestly, I have mixed emotions about both situations. In both cases long dresses are involved. It’s hard to see past emotion and popular opinion and figure out which end is up.

I think my opinion is..IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS! As a Christian, my life’s purpose is to love God and other people. I am not afraid to say that Jesus is Lord. He frickin rose from the dead. He served others. He performed miracles. Everybody saw. I’m sold. That faith changes how I view life and this world system with all its politics and religions and belief systems.

Jesus commands his followers (loved, adopted, forgiven) to not live in sin. Messing up is part of the human condition, but there is a difference between making mistakes and not giving a rip about what you do.  We are also commanded to take care of each other. Orphans, widows, homeless, fatherless..they are loved by God and therefore we need to make a change if our lives are revolving around our own small complaints and Entertainment Tonight (is that still on?).

So, there we are loving God, not worrying about the future, standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, and what do we find? We are rubbing shoulders with other people who could use a little hope. We get to earn the right to share our story, to listen to theirs, and to pray for them. We get to do relationship. God is ALL about relationship.

Look, none of this is surprising. The Bible says that what is accepted and even applauded will not be of Him..but in the next couple sentences it tells us that we have no right to judge anyone unless we want a finger pointed right back at us. Christians, know where God stands and how he wants you to live. Do it. Don’t applaud sin but don’t you dare be one more example of hate.

Live well, love well, and be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you why you have this great Hope living in you.

Caitlyn    Angela

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