C is for…


AshCap is my roommate and one of my closest friends. We share a love of old school hip hop, bourbon, and travel.

Over applesauce I asked her yesterday what she thought about FOFA and FOCO. She and I have often talked about our hopes and dreams and the obstacles we find in ourselves that slow us down in achieving them.

She thought a second and then said, “Well, we’re definitely not Type A. ” Ain’t that the truth. There are no perfectionist, high-stressed, high-acheiving workaholics in this household. Miss you, Sarah!

We both lean more towards Type B,  however, with the extent of our distance from Type A, and our specific idiosyncrasies, we thought it would be fun to create a new category. Allow us to present Type C:

Characteristics of Type C


These people take forever to decide anything. Movie, Williamsburg, or lunch in Ashland at Homemades by Suzanne? Give them at least an hour to weigh the cost, the distance, the temperature, the wind velocity and try to gauge potential enjoyment . They’ll make a decision. Eventually.


Tied down is an example of a compound four-letter word to a Type C. They want to have a picnic in the park and invite people, but won’t set a time to tell their friends, just in case something better comes along. Or they get tired and decide to lay on the couch and watch Empire.


When a good idea does strike them, Type C’s are likely to take off on adventures without any planning or forethought. This may seem foolish, but it’s actually a lot of fun and leads to impromptu horseback riding sessions fueled by Hard Root Beer.

Can’t Be Bothered

This applies mostly to dating. Too much effort. Too much awkward.  Stop texting Type C’s about every part of your day.

Nit Picky

Also applies to dating. Wearing gym shorts on a first date? Or sandals and socks? High-pitched horse laugh? Five-head? Type C’s will run far, far away, Mister. Your law degree means nothing.

Experience over Material

Type C’s live for the moment. A great road-trip, a breathtaking  overlook, or a good meal with friends far outweigh silly things like buying a lawn mower or getting a new timing belt. It’s all about experiencing life one adventure at a time with people who make your heart smile.

Make it Interesting

Type C’s jokingly respond to texts like this: “Can’t check your flat iron right now. On a run.” Type C’s find this absolutely hilarious because running is not fun and therefore  they view people who do it on purpose with a mix of amazement, awe and pity. Who needs runner’s legs when you can have Zumba hips? All of life should be fun, or at least interesting.  This is why Type C’s don’t do math or join the Armed Forces.

In a nutshell, Type C’s are sweet, caring, fun-loving people who will be the life of the party. They will support your dreams, encourage you, and be your biggest cheerleader. They may take awhile to decide things, but they are truly present wherever they are and try to make the best of it. They are also wildly attractive and great dancers.

Do you know any Type C’s? We are starting a support group. BYOB.

Happy Thursday.


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  1. Deb Mills says:

    You are both so much more than this. Besides, if you start a support group, you’d have to set a time and date. And that sounds too confining. BYOC. 🙂


    1. Deb Mills says:

      Or…that and so much more, I mighta shoulda said. The C coming out in me. 😉


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