On Travel

This girl loves road trips.


Near, far, wherever you are..not now, Celine.

There is something life-giving about hitting the open road and extracting myself from normal routine. It is liberating. Far away from dirty dishes, laundry, to-do-lists, and basic cable, I am free. Free to take in new sights, explore uncharted territory, and to be intentional in enjoying the pleasures the day has to offer.

There is so much life outside my own. There are breathtaking vistas, charming cafes, virgin shorelines and quirky barbecue restaurants with pulled pork sandwiches. I need to see them. There is a hilarious old man in a blue baseball cap who eats the same thing at the same stool at the same diner every morning and he tells the best fishing stories. I need to meet him.

When I travel, I tend to  romanticize the city or town I’m in. I stroll down magical, unfamiliar sidewalks and imagine what it would be like to live in that particular place: to have a special coffee house and a new job and an entirely different circle of friends. Who would I be in Charlotte, North Carolina? Still not a NASCAR fan, that’s for sure. Would I become a raging feminist in Boston and start wearing corduroys? If I lived in Charleston, SC would I date a man named Beau who wears bowties and call me “Sugar”? What about Maine? I know practically nothing about lobster fishing or commercial logging.

When I have a little more moolah, I am going to have packed bags waiting by the door. I will do road trips in the air. I will traverse the El Camino from France into Spain. I will eat pizza in Italy and I will dance in the Dominican Republic. I will kiss a real live Irishman. I will worship God on the coast of Nicaragua. I will meet my cousins in South Africa and eat some of Sophia’s baked goods. I will also stay local (comparatively) and visit Lori in Cleveland and Alethea in Texas and I’ll be able to pay for gas to see Alicia down in Chester.

For now, my trips are scaled down and Dave Ramsey approved (ok, fine, I snuck in a trip to Uganda in February but who’s keeping track?). Even an hour long drive west down Route 33 takes me out of my element and immediately I begin to breathe more freely. Luckily, Richmond is centrally located so my friends and I sometimes take day trips to Virginia Beach or to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains and both are less than two hours away. Just thinking about country air, or the scent of saltwater ocean breezes, I’m instantly relaxed.

I think everyone needs a refresher, and travelling is mine. Calgon doesn’t work but beignets in New Orleans should do the trick. Come to think of it, I should probably go out of town this weekend.

Your friend, with one foot out the door,


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