For Your Journey


The road ahead looks straight, but just over the horizon it dips and bends. It is unknown. The pavement, now smooth, will be worn by rough winters and rutted with potholes. It’s going to get bumpy. The pastoral fields and dappled sunlight will be overtaken by night, and a cold rain will make it difficult to navigate.

That’s why I never travel alone. With my best friend beside me, the encompassing blackness and treacherous conditions aren’t so overwhelming. It’s nice to have someone to talk to on your journey, someone to help you fix the flat tires and take turns driving. My friend shows me the way when the GPS doesn’t work and I can’t read the map. He tells me to just take it slow when I can’t see through the darkness and the rain. He says not to worry, he’s traveled through much worse and has always made it through.

Soon, night will give way to a beautiful sunrise, and the vibrant colors of the countryside will be laid out before me in welcome. The world will seem friendlier, and the road will even out. I will turn up the music, roll down the windows, and sing along. My friend will be right there, chiming in on the chorus, and with him at my side, I joyfully will keep going, eager to see where the road will leads next.

Happy travels, friends.


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