The Good Life: Simplified


Seek the LORD and live.
              ~Amos 5:6


This is my book, in five words. I just saved you $16.95. You’re welcome.

Seriously, though. The simplicity of this verse is like a warm hug, a push out the door, and a hand to hold on the journey. It’s the beginning of knowledge, and it’s all there is to know.

You, mother of littles. Seek the Lord and live. Your purpose is from the Lord. Your kids will see you striving after God. They’ll remember that you asked for forgiveness when you lost it with them. They will soak in the verses you teach them and find comfort in the prayers spoken over those home-cooked meals. Your family is so blessed by you.

You, working woman. Seek the Lord and live. Your peace in a high-stress, negative atmosphere will be light in the darkness. Your quiet abstinence from complaining is noticed. Your work ethic is not unseen, and your integrity is needed so badly. You have an in with people who might not give any thought to God whatsoever. You have God’s word written on your heart. It shines through.

You, college student. Seek the Lord and live. You are going to make a lot of connections this year. You have the opportunity to get involved in a college ministry or Bible study, and to influence your roommates, classmates, and professors by your kindness, compassion, and diligence. You are a positive impact in a very influential environment. You are the voice of truth and love in the midst of a thousand other conflicting opinions. You will have an impact.

You, single girl. Seek the Lord and live. Your identity is not found in a man. It is found in Christ, and you are beautiful. You are whole. You are complete. You have the unique gift of time to pour into others. You have no one standing in the way of your goals. Become the woman God has created you to be. Fly high, and love well. You are a treasure.

You, married woman. Seek the Lord and live. You are a virtuous woman and your husband is one lucky man. You go to the Lord with your problems, and you build your husband up instead of tearing him down. You pray for him, and for your marriage. You look for ways to love and honor Him, and you don’t hold him responsible for your personal happiness. You know only the Lord can truly satisfy, and that takes a lot of pressure off your relationship. Your marriage is a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

I don’t know about you, but I have some internal struggles going on more often than I’d like to admit. I want to know that I am living life to the fullest, and for me (and, let’s be honest, for you), that means living in relationship with God and living to draw others to him. Anything else is less, because we were created by him and for him! That’s why this verse is so beautiful to me.

No matter what your journey, if you seek the Lord in all things, you can! God blesses those who seek him, and provides instruction and help every step of the way. There is so much peace and joy in that.

Seek the Lord and live.


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