Choosing Wisely


Today is waiting.

I have so many choices ahead of me. Many of them have no right or wrong, and few have life-changing consequences. Still, however my day turns out depends on me.

I could have picked up a shift at work this morning, but then I wouldn’t be sitting under a warm fuzzy blanket sipping coffee and writing with the back door wide open to the warm breeze and November sunshine.

I choose instead to leave Richmond in a little while and spend the weekend with my parents. I choose road trip and mountains and Scrabble and Mom and margaritas.

Yesterday I had a first date. It was wonderful and there was lots of eye contact and closeness and connection. I chose not to kiss him, though, because I am choosing to honor God in my relationships and until I know there is real potential, I choose to guard my heart. It was nice, though. Really nice.

Whatever choices are presented to me in the days to come, I want to be wise. I want to choose things that bring joy and life and peace.

That could be as simple as choosing to forgive someone who cuts in front of me on the road instead of showing them the international sign for “Who let you drive?”.

It could be as big as choosing to remain single if God tells me to.

I can choose to be a good friend by actively seeking to bless others.

I can choose to obey God by having an attitude of gratefulness.

All the little choices are pieces that make up the big picture: our lives. When we make good choices in the small things, we are setting ourselves up for successful and abundant living.

Choose wisely and know that God blesses you when you honor Him.

Happy Friday!


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  1. hillydude27 says:

    Lovely post……Its midnight here in India. Sitting alone in room I opt many things nice and boring in 2-3hours just to get sleep. Sometime sleeplessnes is toughest for me to lay comfortably .By the way I went through book , Facebook, YouTube and atlast I switch to my wordpress. I read post of those I am following and also of those not. Meanwhile I read your lovely post and like the way I decide to choose the right thing at right time. I choose to sleep. I Read your post several times and switch off room light , mobile and resort to sleep……
    Thanks you. ..


    1. Angela says:

      Sweet dreams! 🙂


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