21 Jump-Start


So, I’m writing a book.


The whole inspiration/perspiration saying is proving true.

The ideas are plenty, but getting them organized and translating them into something useful is frustrating.

Yesterday I got to work a little bit early. I sat in my car with my journal and wrote the following Mission Statement in an attempt to refocus and consolidate my efforts:

My goal is to seek and apply Biblical wisdom to my life in order to attain a life filled with joy, fulfillment, purpose, and peace. I want to chronicle my journey and inspire others to do the same. I want a team of friends to try it with me, and to gain insight on how living out the precepts of Scripture affects their situation. By the end of this experiment I would like to be in a place where I’m in a better relationship with God,  practicing discipline in order to reach my goals, investing in godly relationships,  loving non-believers, and caring for the poor and oppressed.

I’m a regular girl who believes in Jesus. I have a constant tug in my heart that life in Him is supposed to be more, and I’m setting out to find it.

I truly believe that consistent obedience to Jesus is the key to a more abundant life. Loving God and my neighbor can’t just be a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.

I don’t expect my whole life to be transformed at the end of this journey. I do expect my heart will be changed in ways that will affect my life going forward.

Starting January 1, I’m in for an adventure. If you’re up to the challenge, I’d love to have you along with me!

Question: Are you living life to the fullest? Where are some areas you would like to see improvement?


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