Falwell, You’ve Got Some ‘Splainin To Do

I cried after watching this video.

Can you imagine being one of the fifteen to twenty Muslim students that attend Liberty University after that speech was given?

What if you were in the auditorium when he said it and you felt the eyes of the people close by glance over at you, either with hatred or distrust or pity?

I would be packing my bags.

He shouldn’t have said it.

A college full of impressionable students is not the place to brag about your concealed weapon.

It’s certainly not the platform to spread the message that Muslims are bad people.

Mr. Falwell did admit that he should have said “terrorists” instead of Muslims.

I’m not buying it. As a man in the public eye, you have to be extremely mindful with your words.
There’s no excuse for “accidentally” slandering an entire people group and letting them know that you’re packing in case they try anything funny.

If I sent my (non-existent) kids Randolph and Beatrice to a Christian college, I’d hope they were learning to find ways to bridge cultural gaps because God desires people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to know his love and salvation.

I’d be pretty heated to know they were being inundated with gun-law propaganda and being taught to hate and distrust other cultures. Like, “we’re pulling you out of school” mad.

It’s unacceptable and I hope he apologizes.

For the record, I am not for stricter gun control and terrorism is horrible. It was still not his place to make those comments.

He should have led a prayer for the victim’s families and prayed for Muslim people to know the love of Jesus. That’s the real answer to terrorism from any regime: communism, militant extremists, child trafficking. You have to change the heart. Not just shoot everyone. I understand we have to protect ourselves and yes, I would take out a terrorist if I had to, but let’s lead students to try loving people first.

Muslims are not all terrorists. Christians are not all ignorant.

I deeply apologize on behalf of Christians to anyone who was negatively affected by this unkind and unthoughtful speech. We really don’t all think that way.


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