In The Mood


You know that warm, tingly feeling? That glow that seems to settle over the room and make everything magical and lovely? You know what I’m talking about.

The Christmas Spirit. Sometimes you got it, sometime you don’t.

I’m not there yet. I think once you become an “adult” you lose some of the magic. There’s no Christmas crafts or school parties. No letters written to Santa. Instead, there’s office parties where everyone gets drunk and the stress of finding the perfect presents for everyone on your list. The wonder is gone. I think once you have kids it’s more fun again but at this rate I’ll just have to use my imagination.

I do still love the traditions of Christmas..the decorating and the baking and the times spent with friends and loved ones. Last night the girls from our Tuesday night group did our annual Tacky Lights Tour. We piled in to two vehicles along with bags of chips and cookies, made a Starbucks run, and then drove around the West End looking at Christmas Decorating on Crack aka Tacky Lights. It’s a Richmond tradition and it’s awesome. We missed you this year, AshCap!


I know that Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas, but I live that every day. Christmas is still  less exciting now that I’m grown. I want that excitement of tearing apart the wrapping paper on my Super Nintendo. On the plus side, now I can drink.

I want to recapture the magic!

I plan to watch tons of Christmas movies and spend time with friends and once I get to my parents house it will feel more Christmasy.

Alright. I need to go put on my reindeer headband and play some Buble.

Grinch out.

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