Drastic Measures


I’m going to have to do something extremely difficult in the next few days.

I need to think long-term, and that means taking action now so that I can be in a better place a year from now.

Friends, Family, guy in Singapore, you heard it here first:

I’m getting rid of Netflix.

Here’s why. I waste approximately 3,000 hours a week watching shows I’ve already seen. How many times do I need to see Monica and Chandler trying to get it on in London? I said need, not want. It’s gold. Pure gold.

As hilarious as nineties sitcoms may be, I am missing out on actual friend time because I am always being entertained. I am not writing my book. I don’t have any quiet time to think because someone’s always cracking a joke in the background. It’s comforting to have the noise, but it really dampens my drive to be productive. So, it needs to go.

Goodbye, old Sandra Bullock movies (The Net. Loved it.) Hasta La Vista, Drop Dead Diva. Sayonara, House Hunters International. It’s been real. Or has it?

Your frenemy,


P.S. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and that you got all the stuff and good family time. Mine was nice. Ok. Good talk.

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