What I’m Doing in 2016


It’s that time! Time to start fresh and do great things! Holiday binging on Christmas cookies and rum ham is officially unacceptable. It’s time to kickstart the productivity. I must admit, I love the challenge and possibilities that come with New Year’s resolutions. The problem is, by February we’ve forgotten and are back to our old habits.

That being said, these are my plans, not my resolutions. Those should stick, right?

With the exception of birthdays, holidays, and weddings, I am not eating dessert or anything fried. Or drinking soda. I am allowing one drink drink a week, because sometimes there’s nothing sweeter than giggling with a friend over a glass of wine. One drink won’t hurt my budget or my waistline or my decision making. I deem it totally acceptable!

I am blogging at least three times a week, and putting two hours of book writing in my schedule.

I am walking through the different sessions of my book month by month and recording my experience. This is something I am very excited to do, although I admit I am basically winging it and have only a vague idea of how to proceed each session. I will have February figured out by Jan 30. I hope.

I am getting physical activity three hours a week.

I am sticking to a written budget and paying down debt. Credit cards were cut up a week ago so there’s no going back now..and I like it that way!

There are other goals I have for this year, but these are the most concrete, absolute steps I plan to implement starting…today!

Here’s hoping and praying that this year is one in which I strive to honor God and that his blessings would pour out over me and over you!

Happy New Year, friends and family! I love you!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Good luck! I’ve just started my own weight loss blog (fitforcourt.wordpress.com) so let’s make 2016 our year!


    1. Angela says:

      Amen!! 🙂


  2. Those sound like great goals, Angela! Cheers to 2016!


    1. Angela says:

      Happy New Year, Liz!!


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