Church: It’s Not Just for Jerks


Come as you are.

Flawed, broken, hurt, angry, scared, skeptical, addicted.

There is a place for you.

There is good food, transformational conversation, hugs, laughter, acceptance, support, wisdom, coffee, help, and love.

Christian community has rocked my world.

I’m not talking a bunch of WASPS in floral dresses and starched collars.

I’m talking real people with real problems and real sin encountering a real Jesus.

I’m talking honest conversation, daily struggle, and growing together towards a willingness to let God into places we’d rather keep to ourselves.

Christians are ordinary men and women who have believed that the Good News of a God who loves us. They are people who have their own issues, but try to work them out God’s way, even when it’s tempting to react how they used to. Sometimes they fail, but when they are surrounded by a community of support, truth, and love, they find strength to get up again.

“The church” can be a scary idea. People have done some jacked up things under the pretense of operating as “the church”. Those individuals will answer to God for whatever atrocities and hurts they have caused, just as each one of us will.

The point is, there is a beautiful, messed up world full of people who actually want to live like Christ did. You’ll recognize them by their kindness, their forgiveness, and their determination to keep loving God (and you) even when it’s hard and inconvenient. You’ll feel loved, and safe, and free to be yourself.

The reason it’s so different than other relationships is that these people are  (imperfectly) trying to love you the way God loves you. Unconditionally. Sacrificially. With your best interests and God’s glory in mind. They are like family, and yes, sometimes they get on your nerves. But it’s totally worth it.

The journey together is filled with life: sharing ups and downs and working things out. There will be trust, honesty, laughter, tears, and bad jokes about Bible characters.

The outcome is being transformed together into people who love God and love others.

Shout out to all the beautiful, crazy, whacky people I call community. I love you.


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