Son of a Biscuit



Well, friends, looks like I’ll be staying single for the foreseeable future!

I would like to take us through the definition of “douchebag”, but since that would be childish we’ll look instead at the word “disappointment”.

Take it away, Webster!




the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations:

“to her disappointment, there was no chance to talk privately with Luke”

synonyms: sadness · regret · dismay · sorrow · dispiritedness · 


a person, event, or thing that causes disappointment:

“the job proved a disappointment” · 


synonyms: letdown · nonevent · anticlimax · washout · 


I have felt tons of disappointment this month. It’s not only dumb boys that cause me problems, it’s the gorgeous, intelligent woman with the sparkling personality that I see in the mirror every afternoon (#workstartsatfive). I’m a real idiot sometimes, and though I’d like to blame it on the al-co-co-co-co-hol, sometimes I’m just a willful, selfish sinner.

Here’s the problem.

Whenever we pursue happiness, comfort, or identity outside of God’s will, disappointment is sure to follow.

God loves us too much to let us be satisfied with anything that isn’t from Him, so he takes the offensive and pulls the rug out from under us when we pursue the wrong thing.

Thank God.


I am beyond grateful to have a God that moves on my behalf, shutting doors that I’m trying to yank open, and letting me face consequences so that I get away from whatever hot stove I keep touching.

I am dumb that way, but the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Fearing God means acknowledging how big and powerful and awesome he is, and submitting to his Lordship because I am none of those things. I am good at submitting about 85% of the time, so it is really helpful that he’s faithful 100% of the time.

Jesus take the wheel.


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