Stop The Violence

I was in tears at the gym today.

It’s not because I did a twelve hour shift yesterday (Apparently Portugal costs money and no one has yet volunteered to pay for my ticket). I was tired but functional.

It’s because I was watching CNN’s coverage of the shootings in Dallas.

It’s because the reason they were gathering was to protest the ridiculously unwarranted deaths of American citizens. People whose families expected the police to protect and serve, not fire weapons at their children, fathers, and brothers.

I’m in tears now thinking also of the police officers’ little kids whose daddies will never come home.

It’s too much. We aren’t living in a dictatorship or a terrorist regime. What the heck is going on?

We are ALL made in the image of God and each and every life is precious.

I don’t know how to help. I just feel like sin is sin and that’s never going away.

I do love what my friend Tress posted on Facebook today. I’m going to leave you with her quote and go pull a blanket over my head. I’m not coming out until people decide to stop acting like crazy murderers.




This morning I weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. I pray for peace in our nation. Blood has been spilled. Innocent people have died.

Jesus was also hated. He was beaten. He was crucified and they tried to kill him, too. But he laid down his life for each of us. His blood was shed.

It’s time for us all to come together and pray and unite and have true healing and reconciliation between all colors of skin. Time for political correctness to end. Time to stop ignoring the pain and suffering of the black community in our land. It’s time to love and not hate.

What has happened in the past week is terrible but I pray God can turn it around and good can come from it. I pray for reconciliation of this nation and true love is birthed between all races.

Don’t you forget, the devil is behind hatred and behind oppression and behind murder. Don’t let the devil use you to tear this nation apart.

I stand with the black community and I’m praying for you.

I stand with the law enforcement community and I’m praying for you.

I stand with America and I’m praying for you.

I stand with Jesus, the one who can heal our hearts, land, and our relationships.”
-Tress Boor

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