Uncle Angelo

I ate dinner in a gas station last night. They had good pizza and a surprising selection of craft beers. Bring it on.

I’ve been living in the country for two weeks now, and it couldn’t be more different than life in the city. I don’t hear anyone walking by and talking about drugs and guns in the middle of the night, but last Monday we had a rude neighbor in the backyard, just tromping around through the woods. Julie had to go find the farmer and let him know his cow was loose.

Welcome to Midofno, the extra rural “town” about twenty minutes past civilization. I have to dodge raccoons, possums, and bunnies on the drive home, and the nearest grocery store is fifteen minutes down a windy, two lane road (I will be stockpiling cheese, crackers, and cabernet when it snows!). The main restaurants/hangouts people go to are literally gas stations with hot food. Um..

It’s weird not being surrounded by hubbub. I’m used to constant foot traffic and booming systems outside my window, and being able to take a ten minute walk to a scratch bakery or a scenic, historic overlook. There’s fields here. Lots and lots of fields. I’m far from everything: church, friend hangouts, etc., but I honestly have  to say I’m loving it here.

It’s amazing that living with five people, two dogs,and a chunky black kitty named Cat Benatar can be infinitely more peaceful than living with one hot mess. And a whole lot more fun.

Julie and Chris are like family, and their kids have totally stolen my heart, even though four year old Miles insists my name is “Angelo”. 

Spencer came up with the idea to make me a “Welcome Home” dinner, which consisted of Korean Meatball Subs and “What’s your favorite dessert, Lala?” Me:” Um, maybe chocolate cake with strawberries?” “Spencer: “How about brownies with caramel?” Me: “Yes. That’s my second favorite.” Dinner was delicious and Spencer’s toast that I would have a happy life here brought tears to my eyes. He’s the sweetest. Eden is sassy and sweet and a great dancer, and Miles is The Entertainer. Once I giggled because he had yogurt all over his face and he upped the game by dabbing some on his outstretched foot, and when he wears his “Straight Outta Congo” shirt I literally can’t stand the cute. I have laughed more in the past two weeks than I can count, and it is awesome to be part of a family after being on my own for so long.
If only they would put in a Plaza Azteca and a Kroger, life would be complete.

 The restaurant selection may be slim to none, but the company can’t be beat! 



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