Watch This

If you took all the separate, tiny pieces of a watch and put them them in a box, and then proceeded to shake the box forever, do you think the watch would eventually shake into place and start working?

No? Me, neither.

 Our bodies are infinitely more complex than any piece of machinery (even the almighty Mac Book can’t heal itself if you drop it) and there’s no way they just happened by chance. Face it, my friends. 

We are intentionally, intelligently formed. God IS.

Is what, though, right?

Romans 1 says that God has been revealing himself to us through what he has made since the beginning of Creation (earth, sky, ocean, and living, moving creatures that somehow magically are able to reproduce.) A sunrise every morning, and a sunset at night. People! Not only do we function ( the intricacies of the human body at work on a normal day are mind-blowing), but we were made with intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capabilities: Love. Humor. Sleep. Dreaming. Friendship. Hope. Reason. A sense of morality (hopefully) and a longing for justice.We possess the ability to comprehend language, math (some of us), science, history, ecology, the future, etc. God says he made us in his image. We. Are. Amazing. 

So even if we believe in some “higher power” how do we know which one is for real?


As if all the miracles in the Old Testament weren’t enough, God intervened in the hot mess we created when we chose to sin (all day erry day) by sending Jesus. He was “the exact representation of God” and he came to die for our sins. Then HE did a bunch of miracles and healed people. It still sounded kinda iffy until he got up from his grave and proved it. 

So, what do we do with it?

Jesus not only died for sinners back then, but for any to come who would believe. He didn’t say believe blindly, either.It’s totally reasonable to weigh the evidence, seek advice from trustworthy people, and think it through. Just know that God isn’t limited by what is “possible” to humans. That trips us up sometimes.

Belief in God is the beginning of an amazing journey that shapes how we look at everything: our past, our present, and definitely the future. God is the creator, the sustainer, and he wants to give us an amazing hope and a future. 365 times in the Bible he tells us not to Fear. It’s because he’s right there with us, helping us every step of the way.

This is why we celebrate that little stinky baby: he was God’s way of letting us know exactly who he is and exactly how much he loves us. 

Think about it.


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  1. Thank you for this reminder and I love the watch analogy!


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