I stepped on my cat while shaking my tailfeather this morning.

He’s fine. Probably.

I am in a great mood today because I am officially ON THE WAGON. The vegetable wagon, that is.

I was veggan ( vegan+eggs) for the first three weeks of January, but I didn’t feel of look any different by the end of it. I think maybe eating french fries four times a week and washing it down with Sweet Baby Jesus wasn’t the smartest (no animals were harmed in this terrible meal planning!).

So, back to the drawing board. I recently read The Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr, and I agree with much of her nutritional teaching. She is a vegan, but she focuses on loading up on tons of raw nutrients, mainly veggies and fruits. This way your body stays alkaline rather than acidic and you are getting beaucoup benefits from all the living cells you are consuming.

I will allow myself some animal products (only humane, organic meat) but try to have a high ratio of fresh, raw produce and limit my meat, dairy, and grain intake. Also, coffee and alcohol are not a free-for-all. Two drinks a week, two cups of coffee per day (hopefully I can cut that back to one soon). Sunday is my cheat day, but I am promising myself right now not to go crazy and undo all of my hard work.

For accountability and encouragement I rejoined Spark People, an online calorie and exercise tracking website where you can also connect with others trying to reach their health goals. I had great success with them before, and keeping track of what I eat is immensely helpful. Spark People is the reason I was Zumba-ing around my room earlier, and also was the motivation behind my half hour walk with Tucker, my best friend’s slightly annoying but sweet ginger mutt.

If I stay on track, I can reach my goal by July 24th. I feel very motivated and confident that this is going to happen. 



P.S.The pic above is of me, AshCap, Turkish, and some Saudi friends on a hike at CrabTree Falls a few years ago. It makes me inspired to get out and do more of it!

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