40:40 Day 7


My living situation last year got rough.

A dear friend with addiction had moved into the spare room, and while things were great for the first couple months, soon it became evident to me that something wasn’t right: he would leave the house in the middle of the night and started acting very defensive and confrontational when I would ask if he was okay. 

For a month and half, I tried to discern what to do: was I just overreacting? What if it was all in my head? His erratic behavior told me otherwise. If he was using again, it would be bad news bears.

One Sunday at church, after another tense week of worry, I dropped a prayer request in the popcorn bucket at church (we meet in a movie theater) asking for wisdom and help to figure out what to do.

That night when I got home he had been sitting in his car,and as he hurried in, I smelled weed.Now, I don’t think marijuana is that terrible, but for an addict it can be a dangerous gateway or indicate other use. He left for yet another three a.m. drive, and I cried out to God for proof. I knew in my heart what was going on, but he wouldn’t be honest with me. We had agreed at the beginning that if he used drugs he would have to move out. 

That afternoon I was out watering my garden in the backyard and I found a plant that wasn’t mine. Also, it was in a little baggie on the back porch.

As we were the only ones living there (our other roommate practically never came home and stayed every night at her boyfriend’s house, I felt pretty confident that it was his.

As much as it sucked, I thanked God for answering so quickly and providing proof that I wasn’t crazy. What followed wasn’t pleasant or easy, but it brought peace of mind.


For God to begin to call men and women out of complacency and mediocre faith into a life that proclaims and demonstrates the love and truth of the Gospel, beginning with me!

*Complete healing for J’s growths in her back and for her medical bills to be taken care of.


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