40:40 Day 9


God wants to be part of our story.

Actually, he’s invited us to be part of his story, but many people choose to believe he’s not there, can’t see, doesn’t care.

He is there. He sees. He cares.

I was planning to move in a couple months. Living on my own, while wonderful for hosting tons of game nights,movie nights and international dinner parties, was getting really stressful. I was working day and night just to keep up with my bills, and I didn’t have money for anything else.

Mama Karen had offered to let me come stay with her and her husband Rodney because she hated having an “empty nest”and her daughter was getting married and about to move out of their spare room. She was so enthusiastic about the idea she said she didn’t even need to pray about it. We hadn’t talked about it in over a month, but I decided it would be a good place to recoup my finances. Plus, I just love Karen!

I was walking the circle around the lake at nearby Byrd Park praying one sunny afternoon. Among my usual laundry list, I specifically prayed about moving, and asked God to please shut the door to living with Karen and Rodney if that wasn’t where I was supposed to be. 

Less than an hour later I got a phone call. It was Karen. “Angela, I’m not sure if you were still planning to come live with us, but I just got off the phone with my brother and he’s going through a really rough time and may need to stay here for awhile. I just feel so terrible, but I feel like God is telling me that I’m supposed to take him in.” She almost had tears in her voice, and with joy I was able to tell her that this “no” was an answer to prayer. 

I think that was a huge relief to her, to know I completely understood and felt her decision was right. It definitely helped me take the unexpected turn with the grace that comes from knowing God is present and at work. 

It meant that he had something else in mind for me, and for Karen, Rodney, and the brother that did end up needing a place to stay.

More on what happened next tomorrow… 🙂


For God to crush any rebellion and the allure of temptation to things not of Him in his people, beginning with me!

*For miraculous healing and financial provision for the painful masses growing in J’s back.

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