40:40 Day 31

God knows I need help when something goes wrong with my car.
I had just finished a great lunch catching up with my friend Tiffany.
As I was sliding into my car,the older gentleman in the truck parked next to mine called out,”Excuse me, Miss! Did you know that you have a flat tire?”

I certainly hadn’t noticed that, but now that he’d pointed it out it was very obvious.

He got out of the truck, pushed up his immaculate dress shirt sleeves, and changed my tire for me.

I had been feeling far from God at the time, and it made me all the more grateful. “God is so good,” I told the man. “He’s there for us even when we don’t deserve it! Thank you so much! By the way, I’m Angela!”

He stuck out his hand. “Pastor Brown”.

Of course.

There, in the Chipotle parking lot, God showed me once again what a good and loving Father he is.

Prayer: For opportunities to speak love and truth to people who need to know God loves them!
*Miraculous, faith building healing for J!

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