I’m still alive


Hey, friends (if anyone’s still out there..)!

It’s been a minute. 

Life has been busy! No, I still don’t have a boyfriend, so don’t ask.

I have been working, trying to get my beloved direct sales business off the ground, going to weddings, throwing baby showers, and basically out of town every weekend. Even sat in the middle of an impending bar fight with my best friend in the sleepy little town of Warrenton to diffuse the situation. 

I have actually stuck to being a vegetarian since mid- March and have been trying to eat much more real food and get the processed junk out. I have worn these country roads out walking back and forth day in and day out, and I dropped twenty pounds somewhere along the way.

God and I are doing well, I think. I am still being shaped and molded into his image, and he’s got a lot of tweaking to do, but I’m willing and my heart longs to be more like him. 

Bentley the wonder cat is doing great, no doctor visits!

I am setting goals and working hard, and good things are happening! I am also learning to be okay with rejection, because “no’s” just get me closer to my “yeses”. It feels amazing to actually feel passionate about your job, and so it is puzzling when other people don’t get what you’re so excited about. Haha. I will just respect their fear of direct sales (we all have it) and hopefully be there to offer hope and help when they are open. I have also met a whole new community of like-minded, fun, supportive Christian women (and men) through my new job and it’s been a blast to get to know them!

That’s my last couple months in a nutshell. How are y’all??


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