All I wanna do is Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom

One day this will all be a strange memory.

As I took my afternoon walk today (alone, obviously) I passed people working in their gardens, riding bikes, and sitting on their porches, just enjoying the sunshine. Simple pleasures.

I thought of how I’ve been more patient with A in the mornings because we’re not rushing anywhere, and how I have time to sit with my mother-in-law (her house is part of our bubble) and enjoy some coffee and conversation. I truly haven’t missed the hurry of having to be here or there at any particular time.

There is good in this forced slow down, if we look for it. There is peace in just being and not doing. There is time for the books we’ve been meaning to read, the DIY project we’ve been waiting to tackle, a board game with (or without!) kids. There’s some blessing in the upside down life that’s our new “normal”.

Obviously, not being around our people is the worst. My friends came over for my birthday and we sat six feet apart from each other in my front yard. One didn’t even get out of her car because she works in a hospital. Strange times, my friends. I have friends who can’t hold their grandchildren until this is all over. I can’t see my parents.

Some people are really struggling through this and I don’t in any way minimize the hardship they face right now. The loss of a job, the illness of a family member. The fear that comes with this whole pandemic thing is real. It’s weird to be scared of Kroger, but we have to be. For those reasons, I pray that this thing is over as soon as possible and we can hug our loved ones SUPER tight and then go to Chicken Fiesta.

For now, our only option is to be as safe as we can (if not for ourselves than for others) , connect on FaceTime or Zoom or even just a phone call! Take advantage of this forced downtime and make the most of it! Hopefully when this is all just a crazy “remember when” we won’t take the blessings of friendship and togetherness for granted. Maybe we won’t rush back into filling our calendars with “have-to’s” and instead we will prioritize what truly matters. Maybe.

Love you guys.

Thanks, Deb, for capturing our Girls Night last night! ❤️

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