These Days

A few of the ladies from our Juice Plus Leaders Retreat a couple weeks ago

Summer is almost over! Next week is Audrey’s first day of kindergarten! It doesn’t look as we had imagined, but we are grateful that she has the opportunity to attend school in person and, you know, actually be in a room with OTHER PEOPLE. It’s crazy that human interaction is out of the ordinary these days.

I was blessed to be able to see other humans at a Leaders Retreat three weeks ago. There is nothing like girl talk on a dock with your feet in the water. One question asked over the course of the weekend really stuck with me: “What is the one thing you can do to raise your quality of life in every area?”. For me it was obvious. I need to get healthy. So I’m working on it. You’ve never seen so many vegetables.

In other news, Ben and I have recently enjoyed attending a little church plant called Covenant Life Church .We are currently meeting in the pastor’s home since there’s no point in renting a building at this time. I met Pastor Jacob one Thursday morning doing sidewalk ministry at Planned Parenthood. He came over to do a video on how the church is called to stand up against abortion and stand in the gap for families who feel this is their only option. We got to talking afterward, and I thought it was awesome to meet a pastor with a heart for the thousands of babies who never get to take their first breath. It’s a hard arena to be in but so necessary!

I have also recently joined the online Bible Study community at MomStrong International. We are studying 1 Peter this month, and next will be Revelation. It is helpful to have direction on reading and study, plus they have a Scripture writing challenge every day that keeps me on track. Plus, when they come for our Bibles I will have lots of verses written down so just lemme know if you need a copy!

Another resource I have been blessed to find is The Center for Biblical Unity. Monique Duson was a self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior immersed in Critical Race Theory for over twenty years. God lovingly pulled her out of that ideology (kicking and screaming) and showed her the Gospel is the only way for true reconciliation and heart change. In Christ there is no room for oppressor and oppressed, only children of God. CRT perpetuates division; the Gospel helps us overcome the sin that leads to hate, envy, pride, and all the other things that keep us from loving one another and God like we should. Check out her site for tons of informative, truth-soaked articles and videos!

Alright, friends. That’s basically what’s been going on in my life, head, and heart recently. Jesus is our only hope. Fall is almost here. Bring on the cozy sweaters and hot dranks. Love you guys.


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