Keep on Truckin’

Sometimes you’re on a back country road driving to Homemades by Suzanne. Rain is falling softly across the fields and the autumn-blaze trees and you’re talking to God and telling him you trust him but you really are struggling with stuff. Anxiety has not been a kind friend to you this year. And then you look at the pickup truck in front of you and two words on the back window are there just for you:

Fear Not.

And then you cry a little bit and marvel at God’s kindness to speak peace to you in the most unexpected ways. And then you make your way to meet your friend and you get an egg salad sandwich and it’s too sweet because they use the wrong kind of pickles but you have a good time anyway.

And Fear Not sticks with you and you know everything is going to be ok, because he is right there beside you every moment of every day. God hears us and he cares for us. That is everything.


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