Whoever needs to hear this today:

Do not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.” -Galatians 6:9

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a smile on my face when it feels as if the whole world has lost its mind. When you get judged as “judgmental” for taking issue with women killing their children, you have to wonder who the heck is at the wheel of this ship and where is it headed?

I am heartsick every time I see “brave” women championing their “reproductive rights”. I cannot and will not ever see a decision to take the innocent life of a child as justified. Any other taking of life (ie the death penalty, being killed in the act of committing a crime) is seen as heinous and unforgivable, but my own child?? My body, my choice, right?!

Now hear me on this. I am not saying I support either the death penalty or people being unjustly killed in a high-stakes situation. Whenever a life is taken, it is horrible and causes us to grieve. That is an appropriate response, and there’s a reason you feel this way! It’s because each life is precious and unrepeatable-from conception to final breath. Every life is worth caring about and fighting for. Life is a miracle. But if you care about the people above, ya need to care about the people being murdered by the thousands before they take their first breath. I am just pointing out the inconsistency. Babies in the womb are always, always innocent and never deserve the death penalty.

I am also not saying that if a baby has zero chance of survival, such as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, that there is any guilt attached. There’s not, although it sure feels lousy anyway.

I am also not saying women who have had abortions are evil or unforgivable. There is forgiveness for all of us in Christ, no matter what we’ve done. I have had friends come to me after having abortions, and at that point it is my arms open, not my mouth. But you better believe I tried to talk them out of such a terrible decision beforehand.

What I am saying is that if a baby will live, we shouldn’t snuff out it’s life. Shocking.

I’m going to be super honest. I’m really tired of telling the truth. I want to just tell dad jokes and not worry about who won’t be my friend anymore. But there’s too much at stake, and I feel like a lot of Christians are either being cowards or are just plain apathetic to the pervasive evil that masquerades as common sense these days. So here I am, on my little soapbox in a tiny corner of the internet, hoping one person will take something away from what I write.

I guess the person that needed that verse today was me.

Funny stuff next time. Probably.


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  1. Deb says:

    Love you and thank God for you.

    Abortion is so sad. It is maddening that women (couples) can feel pushed to the wall related to the conception of a child snd the only way out seems to be to destroy that child.

    I have people dear to me who felt they had no other recourse. Wish I could have helped…but it didn’t happen.

    You have made a difference. You make a difference. To those conceiving and those conceived.

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    1. Angela says:

      Thanks Deb. Thanks for always encouraging and modeling what faithfulness looks like. So grateful for you.

      Liked by 1 person

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