I am having a tremendously hard time with writer’s block this week. It took me hours to cobble together the short post I wrote yesterday and today I’m going back and forth between finishing up a piece on law enforcement (God help me) or talking about how I used to think life in the suburbs sounded like a death sentence (it’s not).

I didn’t sign up to take on woke America or on false teachers in the church. I want to be enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky and show you how I’ve gone minimal-ish and how much easier it is to keep my house clean these days.

However, the lack of discernment in the Christian community terrifies me. Acceptance and celebration of ungodliness is to be expected from people who don’t know God, but when it’s being echoed from the church something is terribly wrong.

I’m just me. I don’t feel qualified or authoritative or morally superior to others. But I can’t unsee what I see. My heart is to help Christians push through the manipulation and emotional reasoning that’s got them all twisted up somewhere out in left-field in the hope they would come back to the source of all truth: God and his instruction manual for life: the Bible. I don’t expect unbelievers to adhere to God’s way of life, but is it crazy to hope Christians will?

My own faith journey has not been a straight road to conservative Christianity, but although I dabbled in the sphere of influence of progressive teachers such as Rachel Held Evans and Sarah Bessey for a short time, God did not allow me to stay there. I realized, by God’s grace, that we do not get to shake off the parts of Christianity we don’t agree with or understand. He is God and we are not. He doesn’t need a team of revisionists. The One who created us is just and right and holy in his judgments. His Word stands, as is, and those who add to it or take away from it cannot be trusted. Period.

Whenever we go against what God has said, we echo the serpent in the garden of Eden: “Did God really say that?” Some people even dare to call God the liar and the serpent the truth-teller. Glennon Doyle even went so far in her (sadly) popular book Untamed as to tell women to not be afraid to “Bite the apple.” Yeah. Great idea. Lead people to disobey God. Lemme just step a little further to the right because there’s got to be lightning striking somewhere.

God will not stand for this heresy and blatant rebellion for long. For some reason, he has placed a burden on my heart to, for lack of a better or more fitting word, warn people to turn from this dangerous way of thinking where self is elevated and God is the malleable genie along for the ride. It is from Satan.

Also, wokeism is stupid and dangerous.

I love you guys. If you want, prayer would be helpful.


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