Stuff and Nonsense

This is the only sugar coating found in this post.

I was born on the first of April. I regularly hide my husband’s favorite pillow at bedtime. I sometimes answer the phone with an accent. I once shoved my little sister’s twin mattress in the shower (don’t worry the water wasn’t running) and watched with delight as she searched for it. I love to play.

There are some things in life I don’t find funny, though. Those things are The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Also, deceptive philosophies and pretending lies are reality in order to make people feel good.

Listen, I write mainly for Christians. If you don’t believe the Bible, obviously my words and opinions are not going to make sense to you. However, if call yourself a Christian and you don’t believe in the authority of the Bible, every post I write is for you.

It is also for believers who need encouragement to stand, firmly planted, in Biblical truth. God is who he is, and his Word stands against the crashing waves of cultural lies and the chilling echoes of so-called “churches” affirming said cultural lies.

If we don’t speak truth to these lies now we are not being “nice”. We are being complicit. I don’t want to be complicit.

Let’s start with the lie permeating our culture that people can choose their gender based on their feelings. If grown adults can’t discern between reality and delusion, what chance do our kids have as this nonsense is being presented to them as actual science in our public school system? I am terrified for our children because this generation of parents is more concerned with “social consciousness” than with actual, responsible parenting based on reality. Allowing a minor to mutilate their body isn’t kind. It’s child abuse.

I’m almost in tears here. I know some of you have kids who struggle with stuff. I know it can’t be easy. I don’t want you to think this comes from an unfeeling, judgmental place. Quite the opposite. I’m trying to plead with you to seek the Lord and his help. There is a very real enemy out there who is after your kids and it’s not God. What your child does as an adult is up to them. But they are under your protection right now! Protect them!

I also will not buy into the lie that economic hardship or bad timing is a justifiable reason to murder children. Can you open your eyes for just one second and see it for what it truly is? Our government defends the “rights” of women to kill their precious, unborn babies. Of course they do. They don’t care about you at all and they certainly don’t care about your baby. But God does. Did you know that more black babies were murdered than born in New York City in 2019? There are other options. It may not be the “right time” for you to be pregnant, but when is it the “right time” to murder an innocent child? Never. Never is the answer. Again, if you are pregnant, you are a mother. You already have a child. Protect them. And don’t give me the line designed to shut down the conversation: “Are you going to take care of them?” I call bull. Would you say that to defend killing your toddler or your ninety-two year old grandmother? Life is hard and expensive but life is precious and we shouldn’t play word games to make killing our family members seem reasonable.

Next topic.

I’m not going to affirm segregation, racism, or contempt based on woke ideology, either. I don’t affirm any of those things, period, btw. If we are in Christ we belong to the family of believers. Our skin color and cultural experience cannot be more valuable to us than the mission we have in Christ to spread the gospel, love the church, and treat every person God puts in front of us with care and dignity, regardless of what they look like. Stop pulling apart what God has brought together.

Some of these harmful ideas are being taught in our public school systems. This is infuriating. Public schools, you need to stick to reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is not your job to indoctrinate our kids. Parents, we need to pay attention and be involved in what is being taught. That’s our job. If the teachers don’t like it, too bad.

Finally, churches and “Christian” teachers who affirm and teach acceptance of these issues cannot be trusted, because God doesn’t affirm them! You know how I know? Because I read the Bible! Stop playing church with these heretical ear-ticklers and find a church that teaches only what is found in Scripture!

I don’t think things are going to get better. I actually think they will get worse. But I’m not going to be part of it.

Cheerfully yours,


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