There’s a lot of deconstruction going on in the church.

It’s kinda like Jenga.

“I don’t agree with this piece, so lemme pull it out. Um..this one seems a bit harsh..see ya! Ooohh..this piece isn’t going to work for me, either..”

Sooner or later, the whole thing comes crashing down.

Now, you’re left with two options. Either you can build up your belief system based on your own values and ideas, or you can just leave the mess where it is and walk away.

Either way, you have rejected God.

Some of you will be honest and say, “ Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

Others aren’t ready to truthfully examine their disdain of God’s word. They will blame their apathy and distance on “backwards Christians” or, God forbid, “Trump supporters.”

They think they have a better way of knowing Jesus, apart from the word of God and definitely apart from the church. Who needs ‘em, right?

Cue Beauty and the Beast’s “Tale as Old as Time”.

This is no new thing. From the very beginning, we have prized our own wisdom instead of God’s. Satan whispers, “Did God really say that?”, and off we go.

Let me tell you, it’s worked out great in the past.

Just kidding. It hasn’t. It’s rebellion.

There is no safe route to walk away from God, no matter how many people are walking away with you. That doesn’t mean you are headed in the right direction. Sounds more like you’re stepping onto the broad path, where all roads lead to…well…

I am begging you. Come back to the God of your salvation. Stop listening to the demonic rhetoric that spills so easily from the familiar, engaging voices of those who have rejected God before you. The Christianity they are selling is no Christianity at all. It is not pleasing to Jesus. They may be deceived but they are mostly definitely deceiving anyone who buys into their heresy.

Let me tell you a profound truth:

The Holy Spirit will not lead you away from the Word of God.

That spirit leading you on your “own” path is not from God at all. So stop hyper-spiritualizing your assumption that you know better than those “other” Christians.

Repent. Come back. Be rooted and grounded in God’s love. Be the church. Obey him. Make disciples. Submit to God. Trust in his wisdom, and not your own!

Or make your home in the delusion of autonomy you find in the nothingness of your own ideas. It’s up to you.


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