Dubya Em Dees

How do you bring a country to its knees?

How do you make sure people (smart, logical people!) are so emotionally exhausted and terrified they are willing to lay down their rights (especially the rights of their neighbors) in the name of “safety”?

How do you get people to turn on each other so that they won’t stand together against the actual threat to our nation (hint, it’s not the unvaxxed!)?

How do you make people (some of whom had thriving businesses) dependent on a government handout so they get used to the state “taking care” of them?

How do you make sure parents can’t stand up to the school board when they don’t agree with unscientific regulations or the propaganda being taught in schools their tax money is paying for?

I thought I’d borrow an acronym from old George Senior: “WMDs.”

I’m changing it up a bit, though.

Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re destructive, too, but the powers-that-be-trippin know that emotional manipulation is much more effective than a full-fledged authoritarian takeover.

Our government wants total control. Not just our government, but as an American that’s the government I’m most concerned about at the moment.

This has never been about our health. Who do you think unleashed this thing on us in the first place? Is it real? Yes! Is it being used to bring us to a place of total dependence on our Lord and Savior, the government of the United States of America?

You tell me.

What about the ever-tightening grip on free speech? All in the name of “tolerance” and “equality” right? Wrong. All in the name of the progression of Marxism. Christian values out, secular humanism in. Do you know how many people I’ve talked to who are afraid to voice their opinions or convictions because they don’t want to be “canceled” or even fired from their places of employment? Even when their beliefs align with reality, they are immediately shut down. Reputations are smeared up one side of the street and down the other, just to make an example of what happens when you speak out against the narrative. Does that sound like an America you want to live in?

It’s only just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re too distracted to stop and think about these things. The sky is falling! We don’t care that masks have never been used against viruses (actually looked at a box of masks the other day and it said it was used to protect against “vinus”. I see what you did there.) Just put it on! We don’t question the withholding of early intervention meds. “Come back when you can’t breathe!” Destroy the credibility of any medical professionals who don’t agree with the standard of care? Makes perfect sense! If you call a baby a clump of cells, it won’t feel pain when you rip it’s limbs off! If you like the color pink, you should just go ahead and start calling yourself “Ashley”. Everyone’s racist? Must be! If the government says it, we can trust it’s true! This can’t be part of a Marxist agenda to destroy our nation and bring us to a place of complete and utter subjugation! No way! Next episode of Schitt’s Creek, please!

I’m not going to convince the people who believe our government gives a care about us. But if you, by the grace of God, can see that we’re heading quickly in the footsteps of Australia and Canada, you need to start opening your mouth. Today.

You see, my Lord and Savior is not the government. It’s Jesus. And being a Christian doesn’t mean slapping an ineffective piece of cloth over my face to “love my neighbor.” Being a good Christian means being willing to lay down my reputation as I speak up when I see evil advancing.

But don’t worry, the frontman is smiling. Or do I have to say “frontperson”? Whoops!

I can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a clip of an Australian health official slipping up and saying “New World Order”..fast forward to the “b” in Youtube to hear her say it. They’ve got plans for us, and we’re not going to like them, contrary to the assurance in the video above.

Stop being afraid of what they’re going to do to you. Spoiler alert: you’re going to die. Will you be among those who cover their eyes against the lies and injustice? Or will you be brave and show your children you care enough to stand up for their future?

Turn off the television and stop scrolling. Open your Bible and start praying . Find truth and stay there.

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

Stand up. Open your mouth. Or we will be China.

Happy Hump Day, y’all.


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