Just Thinking Here


The year I’m officially outed as a conspiracy theorist.

Or a reality theorist. But whatever.

I haven’t come to my conclusions quickly or easily. Who wants to be on the opposite side of “doing their part”? Not me! Contrary to one kind woman’s opinion, I do have a heart and I don’t want to see anyone lose their loved ones! But once I realized that maybe, just maybe, things weren’t quite as straightforward as some would have us believe, I felt an obligation to seek out truth: to pay attention to the inconsistencies; to wait out projected data and see the actual statistics; to listen to experts across the board whose journeys may vary but who are all landing in the same place: None of this makes a beaver’s home bit of sense.

Now, all that being said, I am in one hundred percent agreement that the vaccines do attenuate symptoms up to six months for those who have them! That short-term benefit has absolutely saved lives. For now. But the unwashed masses, er, I mean, the unvaccinated are not the only ones getting really sick these days. It is still a lower percentage here in the U.S., but as you know, as the vaccines lose efficacy all bets are off. In a sample group of 620,000 military personnel, vaccine efficacy went from 88% to 3% in five months! 3%!!! So are we all supposed to line up to get jabbed twice a year? Forever?


Now let’s talk about mandates. Most of us are aware that vaxxed or unvaxxed, we can all contract and transmit Covid. Also, for those who have already had Covid, getting a vaccine on top of your natural immunity (27 times better than vax immunity) is a ridiculous requirement.

And, sorry, but the increase in cases is not our fault, either. I actually believe it’s quite the opposite. A huge surge of antibodies at the same time would force a virus to do what? And it does cause me to wonder at the fact that I personally know more than a handful of people whose households all of a sudden come down with the virus directly after one person gets the jab. Coincidence? Maybe. Leaky vaccines? Maybe. Obviously I can’t prove correlation. But why, oh why, are our cases so much higher than last year when hardly anyone was vaxxed?

And why is our government acting like anyone who hasn’t gotten the shot is an infectious ticking time bomb? And forcing hardworking Americans to choose between their deeply held convictions/reservations and their livelihoods? I have my theories. But I will save those for another day.

And then there’s hospital protocols. I love our healthcare workers. This is not their fault. But we need to take an honest look at what we are doing! If you haven’t seen the video I posted on Facebook yesterday featuring Dr. Brian Ardis, please take a look. Why did Fauci insist on using Remdesevir exclusively when it was the least effective out of four trial drugs and 8% of participants in the study had to withdrawal because they all of a sudden needed ORGAN TRANSPLANTS? And take look into Antibody Dependent Enhancement! Chilling. Again, watch the video. Fine, I’ll post it at the bottom.

Let me ask a few simple questions about how we are handling all of this:

Is it logical?

Is it working?

Is it sustainable?

If getting rid of Covid is not a realistic end goal, then what is all this for?

Why are they pushing us to do things that don’t make sense and don’t line up with the data?

I know it’s uncomfortable to think about. I hope to God that I am wrong about every part of this. Almost everyone I love has done what they believed was the right thing to do and gotten the vaccine. If I was immune-compromised or elderly, I would probably take the vaccine, too. It’s scary out there today. I get it.

Please know I am with you and I am for you. No matter if we agree or you think I’m nuts. Let’s love each other anyway.

But I am not going to go along to get along. Especially when our children are next on the “just” list.


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