Sorry Not Sorry

Do you know what I’m over?

Listening to people say conservatives are bad people.

If it makes you mad that conservatives don’t agree with killing children in the womb, allowing impressionable and developing youth to irreversibly alter their bodies, teaching our kids they’re all racist and probably born in the wrong body, and mandating that every man, woman, child, and goat mask up and get their 346th booster shot (regardless of the lack of long-term science and in light of what we already know), then you can be mad.

I’m over bowing and scraping to the woke mob in order to keep everyone’s feathers unruffled.

You guys.

Reality, science, and common sense cannot be sacrificed on the altar of popularity. Neither should our Christian values.

Shutting down business and getting everyone used to government handouts is a horrible way to run a nation. Inflation, bank-breaking gas prices, supply chain shortages? No, thank you. And let’s not even get started on the mandates for a shot that protects no one from infection or transmission.

I stand with the medical professionals, first responders, and private citizens who shouldn’t have to choose between their medical freedom and their careers.

I stand with parents who have the God-given right to decide whether their child puts something in their body that could potentially cause life-long heart problems.

I praise God that in his mercy he is giving us at least a short reprieve of the absolute madness that has swept over our nation. Do I think every conservative is a God-fearing Christian? Of course not. But I will vote for people who protect our children and our freedoms every time.

And I love you, but you don’t have to like it.

If you’re seeing red right now, it’s because Virginia flipped.

Socialism sucks.

God Bless America.



DeSantis 2024!

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