Resisting Despair

You know what makes me happy? Strutting around the first floor of my house in step with the Beegees. First “Stayin’ Alive”, then “Jive Talkin’”. You’re welcome for the visual. Just for added delight, picture me wearing stripy purple yoga pants and a bedazzled navy blue sweatshirt. Merry Christmas.

That’s how I get my steps in over here, folks. And the endorphins quadruple because I’m laughing at how ridiculous I am the whole time.

Good times. Good times.

In these unprecedented times (If I was on the Steve Deace show Todd would be saying “BING!”), it’s so important to find and make a practice of the simple joys in life.

People scared of you because you’re not vaccinated despite the science that shows anyone can be infected or transmit Covid? Or that there is not one documented case of someone with natural immunity becoming re-infected and passing a lethal infection to someone else? Bless them, and then keep on moving! Make a delicious and nutritious smoothie, pop some Vitamin D, and then go get coffee with a friend who doesn’t view you as a walking germ factory.

Coworkers think you’re a judgmental extremist because you don’t support murdering live children in the womb? Get outside and get moving! Boost that GABA and that Vitamin D and thank God you are alive and able to enjoy nature! Some people aren’t!!!

School shut down again because a bird sneezed outside the window? Make the most of time with your littles! Bake cookies, go to the library, visit with friends!

Has Facebook limited your reach because you think truth is kinda important? Keep posting anyway! Someone, someday, somewhere will come across your post and think it’s informative and hilarious! It might be you, but that’s okay, too!

Put on the Covid 19? You know my solution: killer moves and some catchy seventies music. Or you can go to the gym. If you hate joy.

Family not gathering for Christmas because there’s a new variant no one has died from? Give it to Jesus, and invite in others whose plans have been altered. Different doesn’t have to mean bad. Create space for gathering and joy when the world says stay home alone and be scared.

There are other scenarios I’m sure I haven’t thought of. Your set of worries and disappointments may be completely different. That doesn’t make it any less important to seek joy and resist despair. We have to keep living life, people! God commands us 365 times in the Bible not to be anxious or afraid. He says to have joy, and to pray, with thanksgiving!

I am trying.

It’s harder to get pulled down into despair when you’re dancing.

What simple things bring you joy?

Love you guys. All of you.


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  1. Whitney Lyons says:

    Thank you for this! It brought on some tears when thinking about all the crap we’ve been through as a world lately and all the strange changes brought about. I’m not a fan of change. Not always. Then in hindsight I’m usually a fan and grateful for some of that change. This also brought some tears of joy, I’m not entirely sure why… I cry easy and often for some reason but this post made me happy! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angela says:

      I’m so glad, friend. We are told to think about what is true and lovely, etc. I think we really need to do that now more than ever!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Whitney Lyons says:

        I absolutely couldn’t agree with you more!


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