This Bugs Me.



The sound you (don’t) hear when you voice a thought and people are too polite to tell you they think you’re an idiot.

Not that that’s ever happened to me.

Friends. When we lose the ability to have respectful discourse on matters where we disagree, we lose authentic relationship. Either I’m holding back my true feelings or you are. It’s not real.

I’m sick of it.

Social media has made things a thousand times worse. Once amiable friends and family decide the juice isn’t worth the squeeze when it comes to continuing relationship with someone who thinks differently than they do. People who don’t know each other at all fight and mudsling, which is unproductive at best. And voices who credibly discredit popular narrative (ie Robert Malone, inventor of MRNA technology) are silenced; their characters torn apart. Social media sucks.

So what do we do if we look around and realize we’ve segregated ourselves into little echo chambers?

That’s up to you.

I think Jesus mentioned something about how unity is fundamental to the Christian life, though.

I don’t want fake, walking on eggshells relationships anymore. Life is too short.

Take off the mask and dare to be yourself. Dare to say what you really think. Do it kindly and with respect and compassion, but do it. We’ve created this offended generation that cries to mommy every time someone hurts their feelings or disagrees with them and it’s not helpful to anyone. It shuts down productive communication and opportunity for reconciliation.

As for those who truly can’t tolerate you not going along with what they think is best? If someone can’t be your friend unless you agree with them, maybe they don’t have to be in your inner circle. It’s ok to let people go for a time if there is no way to have a healthy relationship right now. Pray for them, refuse to talk badly of them, and ask God to restore the relationship in his timing.

But I pray as Christians it won’t come to that.

Let’s make 2022 a year of authenticity and healing.

No more crickets.


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