Keep On Truckin’

Can I be honest? I’m afraid our country might be screwed up beyond repair. I hate to say that, but, again, when you kick God out, as our nation has done, chaos reigns. I do take heart in the fact that we were able to elect a decent governor in Virginia this past November. He actually came through on his promise to lift mask mandates in our schools! And people are so mad about it!

What makes zero sense to me is when the same people who want everyone jabbed and masked until 2084 in the name of “loving their neighbor” are cool with abortion. Many in our country do not support medical freedom unless it applies to killing babies!

It is clear to me that common sense is not so common anymore.

I am excited about the Freedom Convoy rolling from California to DC this week. My hope is that it will show our leaders that Americans will not take unconstitutional, unscientific, unreasonable tyranny lying down. This is not about vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. It is not about any one political party. It is about freedom; the freedom to make medical decisions for ourselves and our families either way without fear of reprisal, discrimination, or job loss. These truckers are standing up for ALL Americans, because they know that the overreach won’t stop with jab mandates and vaccine passports. You may not have a problem with decisions they are mandating now, but what about when they decide the Bible is “hate speech” and Christianity is the new threat to our country? It has to stop now.

I’m also nervous about the response it will get. Canadian officials responded to their version of this peaceful protest against unreasonable restrictions and mandates by using unnecessary force and unlawfully freezing citizens’ bank accounts. I guess we’ll find out. I am thankful for the men and women willing to take a stand, peacefully, for all of us.

I’m a bit discouraged this morning. I don’t know how this all will turn out. I’m tired of feeling anxious about the fate of our relationships, our nation, and our world. I worry about long-term side effects from both Covid and the vaccines. I’m mad about the censorship people seem so willing to welcome in. I’m worried about Ukraine being attacked and I wonder who will be next.

But God.

Maybe our country crumbles and we fall to totalitarian rule. Maybe people, fueled by hate and fear, will allow propaganda to overrule their innate sense of right and wrong. God will still be on his throne, and he holds his people. The gospel will still save. Love, true love, will still win.

Maybe we’ll go back to peace and prosperity. Maybe people will cast off their fear and the division will fade like a slowly healing scar; a visible reminder of an unpleasant time; a warning to be more careful in the future.

I guess we’ll find out. Either way, he holds us. I need to remember that.


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