I’m Sorry, Ms. Jackson, I Am For Real.

photo credit npr.org

This past week many of our jaws hit the floor when Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Jackson iterated that she could not, in response to Senator Marsha Blackburn’s question, define what a “woman” is, because she’s not a biologist.


We all know she was just trying to skirt the question (pun intended). Ketanji Jackson knows there are only two genders. We all know that there are only two genders. What worries me is that even in the highest court in the land, woke ideology rules; not facts or common sense. This pandering, pretense-laden objectivity should have no place in the Supreme Court. In my opinion, giving credence and legal standing to lies and delusions at all will only pave the way for the next wave of mentally ill or ill-intentioned people to march forward and demand their “rights.”

Truth matters. Reality is paramount. Facts aren’t optional.


I’m not a biologist either but I know a man can not give birth. Or menstruate. Or breast feed.

I’m not a criminologist but I know some men will, and already have, in fact, taken advantage of this garbage ideology that bows to the feelings of one over many to sexually abuse actual women and girls.

We can love people who suffer with gender dysphoria. But we cannot and should not reinvent language, society, and law based on, again, a psychological issue.

When we pretend in order to appease, we open the door to a lifetime of pretending and appeasing. Those advocating for pedophilia are not far behind. Neither are trans-species activists, trans-human rights, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

I’m not a Bible scholar, but I do know that God created us in a specific, intentional way. He created us male and female. He created us to come together as families with a mom, a dad, and children. He created us to worship him, together, and live life the way he tells us to.


No family is perfect, but God’s way is always best. When we depart from the solid ground of the Biblical family; when we continually compromise moral truth, we are headed for disaster.

And while these people who twist and dismantle the basic tenets of reality and common sense may feel a sense of victory now, the truth is that there is a Judge who sits higher than any court on earth. His name is Yahweh, and one day he will judge each and every one of us in truth and righteousness.

Christians, stop co-signing this bull-honkey. When you support and applaud the distortion of God’s design, you are complicit in treason against the King. You are leading non-believers astray. Stop chasing man’s approval and love people enough to stand up for truth.

I’m not psychic, but I don’t think it’s going to go well for those who stand in opposition to God.


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  1. Yes and amen! Well said.


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