21 Again!


It’s my second twenty-first birthday.

I’m a whole lifetime away from the girl who sat drinking woowoos at the Chili‘s in Manassas the first time around. Four years later I would be exhausted from my sin-soaked lifestyle and I’d move to Richmond to pursue a God-centered life.

Surprisingly, I discovered Christian Angela was still a sinner but thankfully I also discovered evidence of the Holy Spirit: a heart change that gave me the desire to live differently, no matter how many times I fell along the way (many, if you’re wondering).

It’s been a crazy, monotonous, long, short, joyful, hard journey to where I find myself today. Some years have been like a long, sweet summer. Some have left me on the metaphorical bathroom floor.

I’ve been part of several great churches. I’ve seen church done horribly wrong.

I’ve made some amazing, lifelong friends. I’ve been hurt by people who maybe weren’t actually my friends in the first place. And, sometimes, I’ve been the hurtful one.

I’ve dated men who were completely wrong for me. I married the best man in the world.

I’ve lost two babies. I gained an amazing stepdaughter.

I’ve lived in the city and walked to bakeries and amazing parks. I’ve lived out in the country and roamed long stretches of road with no other sounds but birdsong, dogs barking, and an occasional moo from the fields. And now I am firmly planted in suburbia (for now). But you know what? It’s all been good (mostly).

I’ve lost weight. I’ve found it again.

I’ve walked out in faith a few times. I’ve hung back like a little chicken more times than I like to admit.

Through it all, the Lord has never changed. When I stick close to him, life isn’t perfect. Never will be, this side of heaven. But is is good. So, so good.

Here’s to another 21 years of loving God and trying to love people. Some of y’all make it harder than others.

Just kidding. Mostly.


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