Let Them Live

According to Worldometer, four out of ten pregnant women in the US choose to abort their child. This means forty percent of unborn babies in our nation are slaughtered before they have a chance to even take a breath.

Four out of ten children will never celebrate their first birthday. They will never be held in their mother’s arms. They will never go to kindergarten, or wake up early with excitement on Christmas morning, or go on a family camping trip, or make a best friend, or find the person they want to marry. They will never be given the chance to have children of their own. Their lives are stolen before they even begin.

These. Are. People.

Their lives are just as valuable as yours and mine.

And yet, four out of ten women have been sold the lie that killing their own child is the best option available. Four out of ten women will never hear that child say “mama” for the first time. They will never watch their toothless first-grader lisp through her lines in the school play. They will never tuck that child in at night or watch him catch a football. They will see the empty seat at the table and their hearts will ache. And they will carry a heavy load of guilt, whether they acknowledge it or not.

It’s so disheartening to see even people who call themselves Christians perpetuating this murderous deception. I’m sorry, but “pro-choice Christian” is an oxymoron. Christ will never be okay with taking the life of innocent children, so neither can we.

I don’t care which way you spin it. Finances, timing, or inconvenience don’t change the fact that a child in the womb has as much a right to life as any of us. In fact, there is no situation that makes it okay for a child to pay with it’s life for someone else’s sin or mistake.

It is not your “right” to kill your child. What kind of barbaric, godless, backward society thinks this way?

Ours, apparently.

No flowery words can alter the truth of what they are doing; if what they are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to.

It’s murdering children. Over fifteen million so far just in the first four months of this year. Fifteen million people robbed of life. But you go, you reproductive justice warriors! Keep fighting the good fight!

Pray for the safety of the Supreme Court justices. Pray for the sanctity of life to be recognized and protected. Pray for a reprieve in the slaughter of our nation’s most vulnerable population. Pray for the church to step up and step in. Pray for four out of ten more faces around the dinner table next year. These people matter.

Let them live.


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  1. Deb Mills says:

    If we could only see what this is doing to us as women, our other children and the men so intimately involved with this…so intimately involved. God, have mercy. Praying for the church to step up to serve these who have no voice and the women who need a place to land with real helps and real care…and not the empty promises the government gives them to empty their womb. They matter…lives matter…including the smallest to the very oldest BUT not discounting the smallest.

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