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I’ve noticed a trend in television.

Every time they have a Christian character on a show, it’s never just a nice, normal family. No! All Christians, according to NBC, at least, are tent revival pastors who marry child brides or, better yet, doomsday preppers who get trapped in their poorly-ventilated bomb shelters.

More and more I see Christians portrayed as backwards, unintelligent cave dwellers, and I have to wonder if anyone at these television stations have ever actually met a Christian in real life.

Listen, the term “Christian” covers a broad array of people, cultures, education, etc. But to paint all who believe in Jesus with a broad brush as ignorant hillbillies is malicious and intellectually dishonest. In my opinion, it’s nothing short of a tactical smear campaign.

The media is pushing a narrative, and anyone that stands in its way gets unceremoniously bulldozed in the process.

But why? Aren’t we a country of free speech; of free religion; of free ideas? Why are my convictions, based on evidence, reason, and experience, harangued and mocked in deference to the new religion that ebbs and flows in direct correlation with the emotional fluctuations of its adherents?

Get with the narrative, people!

Believing in a Creator is stupid. Creation just evolved from swamp goo. Your life means nothing, therefore, you can do whatever you want (except drink through a plastic straw). Morality is subjective (unless someone is mean to you). Let them eat cake (and force them to bake it for you). Also, more government good. Freedom bad. Too much thinky lead to no likey a morally bankrupt, totalitarian society.

It’s warfare.

Those who want to see themselves as the supreme authority rage against God; his design; his boundaries; and his people. They want to rule humanity their way (without God) and they are doing everything they can to convince the masses to get on board. How can they do that? Make belief in God something to be ashamed of. Flip the script so that those who hold to Biblical principles aren’t just dumb, they’re villains! Good is now evil and evil is now good. Perfect!

Sadly, a lot of Christians have folded under the pressure and the old “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” motto has reared its ugly head. They say they’re bringing Jesus with them into this more user-friendly “Christianity.”

Like hell they are.

Don’t hide your faith in a corner because you’re afraid of the mob. And for the love, please don’t start believing their lies yourself!

Fight back.

Fight back by shutting off the noise and drawing closer to the Lord.

Fight back by knowing and believing God’s Word.

Fight back by having God-honoring marriages, where both husband and wife are loved, honored, and respected.

Fight back by raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Fight back by loving your enemies.

Fight back by being both bold and humble as you share the gospel, speaking truth in love.

Fight back by refusing to throw down your convictions just because other people don’t like them.

Fight back by loving and serving your church family.

Fight back by being the hands and feet of Jesus in a broken and confused world.

Fight back by praying for the people in the media who are conduits for an evil they probably don’t even recognize.

May the love of Christ flow through our homes, through our churches, and overflow into our communities.

May people come face to face with real Christians and see something beautiful.

I don’t think it will change what we see in the media, but it will sure impact the lives of the people around us.


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