God’s way compared to ours


There are so many beautiful things about this place we call Earth. But we can’t escape the fact that SOMETHING is not right. Somewhere  along the way things  got messed up.

One thing that reminds me of this truth is the caution that we must take around strangers. Robberies, murder, rape; all realities in the world around us. Even in close relationships with the people we see daily,  it upsets me to know that someone might lie to me, or say something mean about me. Trust is often broken and feelings are hurt. Relationships end and people are left feeling unwanted or unworthy.

God created us as a masterpiece: a reflection of his  beauty, love, and creativity. The beauty that exists gives glory to him, because he made this world and all of the millions of cool things in it. He made humans especially to be in relationship with him. We were made by him, for him. When we stepped away from that relationship and chose sin, things went wrong. No longer can I look at the man on the street as friend, someone I’d like to talk to and invite over for dinner. Fear exists because evil exists.
But.. there is hope! Christ died for us so that we can have a restored relationship with God, and by obeying Christ,we can do friendships God’s way. I have seen what true love and friendship are through my church family. I dont worry about gossip, or bad intentions. We are still human and we still mess up, but we copy the actions of Christ and show humility, ask for forgiveness, and show mercy. We help each other when there is need. Best relationships I’ve ever had.

I have observed relationships God’s way, and the way they are done without him. God fixes what we break. If only we could all live with respect and love and forgiveness, rejoicing in the salvation and restoration God provides for us and worshiping the great God who lives us and freely gives all we need. The world would be a completely different place.

God’s way:

Love one another: 1 John 3:11
Serve one another: Galatians 5:13
Be patient with one another: Galatians 4:2
Forgive one another: Colossians 3:13
Carry each others burdens: Galatians 6:2

Imagine if we lived this way!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobby says:

    A very good path to fixing many things. I have spoken to God a lot and am always looking for answers.



  2. Jennifer says:

    You are so right–Relationships that look like Jesus are so beautiful!


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