Can I tell you a story
Of unfathomable glory?
There I was, stained by sin…
Every thought, every motive
Soaked with poison from within.
There He is. Complete. Perfection.
Called me from this path of destruction, gave me new direction.
What was dead and blind, arrogant and unkind
Is alive, humbled, joyful, and full of love..
Not my effort but a gift from a God who is high above
Yet closer than a brother
He took the death I worked hard to earn..how COULD he?
He promised he would always be with me..why SHOULD he?
Jesus died in my place because He loves me..Yes, me
He took my curse and He chose to bless me
So unworthy am I of this mercy and grace
So worthy is He that suffered in MY place
I don’t understand it
But can’t deny this new heart
And I know that He finishes that which He starts
You want proof?
Here I am
Dead girl is Alive
Its just part of His plan
Mercy for the wretched
Strength for the weak
He is the answer to all that we seek
Faithful and loving
No matter the cost
My God loves
Would you argue?
Just look at the cross.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Renee says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL, Ang! Thank you for sharing your heart in this medium. You are truly gifted.


  2. Diane says:

    Pure. Beautiful. Love it.


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