Don’t believe me just watch

Who wants to be on my step team???


Ok, fine. As much as I would win as a stepper, that’s not the kind of team I’m talking about. I am referring to taking steps towards our goals! This morning I laced up my sneaks and walked over to a nearby (but far enough to count as exercise, people) park, where I read some Psalms and prayed that I would believe in God enough to push through temptation, and to have joy even in the day to day same ol’, same ol’.  I also read through my goals, which are both big and small,  easy and seemingly far-fetched.

My Goals for 2015:
1. Put on a little weight. I’m feeling gaunt. Fine. Drop 30.
2. Set aside and maintain 1,000 dollar emergency fund (halfway there).
3. Adopt a grandparent. Done. Volunteering at a nursing home.
4.Find a husband/get married/or don’t. It’s important to set clear goals.
5. Pay off student loans completely. Working on it.
6.Work out 5x a…
7.Quit drinking completely..nope
8.Follow Jesus, don’t ask Him to follow me.
9. Develop a plan to start a God-dream career. Working on it.
10. Apply for five scholarships and five grants. Will do.
11. Do an open mic night. Coming soon(ish).

Life goals (so far)
1. Become a certified Life Coach. I am doing a Webinar to look into courses next Saturday. Eek!
2. Take a woodworking class.
3. Publish a book.
4. Fly a plane.
5. Lead a Financial Peace class.
6. Live in a bungalow by the sea for  month (tropical).
7. Become (and stay) debt free.
8. Have an Etsy shop. Done. Booyah! Angela RVA Designs in full effect!
9. Own a business or non-profit that helps people and brings them to Jesus.
10. Be on T.V. in an acting role. Don’t scoff. Just you wait..
11. Have 100 plus blog pressure..but subscribe.
12. Go to Nicaragua.
13. Own a horse.

It is reaffirming to see my goals in black (next word suggestion “mackerels”. Black mackerels?) and white, and a catalyst to do something to reach them. Who else could use some accountability in reaching their dreams? Make a list, add to it. Refine it. Take steps. Let someone in on your journey. I love this stuff, so tell me! I want to cheer you on! You can also request to join my group “Reaching Goals Together” on Facebook. It’s a safe place to share success and struggle. However you do it, set goals for your life. Are you in a job you hate? Don’t just accept your fate. Unhappy with your body? You know what it takes. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. We can do the necessary steps to get to where we want to be.

Go get ‘m, tiger!


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