The Fast and the Furious


Today was Day One of my 21- Day Daniel Fast. I have been trying hard to eat healthy all year. Each time I start strong but then, for some reason or another, I lose momentum instead of weight. I need a drastic change. I need rigid guidelines. I need a pizza.

Ok, so: The Daniel Fast. 21 days of no meat, no dairy, no sugar , no coffee, no leavened bread. Nothing to drink except water. Or spring water. So just water.

This is what I CAN eat:

Many people do this fast (representative of Daniel from the Bible who ate nothing but vegetables and water while in captivity in Babylon) as a way to get closer to God. I haven’t experienced that yet. I, personally, have never fasted except for one day in Youth Group (shout out to RBC) to pray for the homeless and even then we could have crackers and Fruit Stripes gum.

I know fasting (abstaining from food or something else hard to give up) it is a spiritual discipline that really works for people. I always think of people who fast as super spiritual because I have a hard time voluntarily choosing to be physically uncomfortable. It’s even a struggle to abstain from Facebook. My struggle is NOT real.

I am not super spiritual. I am a Christian because I believe in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I still want to eat. I am doing this fast because I need discipline in my life. I am doing this fast because ethically I am against US standards of meat and dairy practices. I’m doing it because I think we were originally designed to eat plant -based foods for our bodies to thrive and I want to thrive. I’m doing this to lose weight. I am hoping to get closer to God during this time but I will let you know how it goes.

After one day, I have learned a couple new recipes and I am feeling a little foggy (maybe due to no caffeine?) It doesn’t seem too difficult yet but I’m sure that will change.


Herbed Flatbread (no yeast or sugar)


Delicious wheat pasta with a basil -olive oil coating, green beans, and tomato. I will definitely make this again .

I know y’all are dying to know how this turns out..failure? Success? Murder-suicide? I promise to keep you posted.



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